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SELFCLEAN Technology

Our unique antimicrobial barrier technology provides unrivalled cleaning and disinfection armoury in the fight against infection and potential outbreaks.


The education sector is an important environment for young ones to be educated in a safe environment. Cleanliness is important as it creates a great learning environment for pupils and students and sets an example to those attending each day. The educational environment is where our children spend a lot of time in their early years. We all know that infection outbreaks can be rife in learning establishments especially for the young as they have not yet established their natural immunity fully.

The staff working in these environments also need to be protected as infection leads to absenteeism, which is not good for the education process and can also bring these infections home and into the community. Therefore being able to minimize infections in these environments such as Norovirus becomes paramount. Goldshield®'s technology can provide assurance that the educational facility is protected to the highest standards.

“Cleaning alone does not kill potentially harmful microorganisms such as Norovirus the “winter vomiting” virus, which can strike at any time”

Most normal cleaning products do not contain any form of biocide relying on physical removal of soils and microorganisms as cleanliness is the main objective. Even if they do contain some form of biocide, none can compete with the long-lasting effect of using Goldshield® known as our long-lasting “residual protection”.

Any surface in public transport that is i contact with passengers especially hands becomes a potential source of cross-infection. Surfaces can also become contaminated from passengers shedding microbes or those originating from respiratory infections. This contamination then poses a risk to other passengers and staff responsible for both driving and provide services to those passengers.

Goldshield®’s advanced technology contains a range of liquid products that can both clean and disinfect. Our products leave an invisible layer which is completely safe to passengers and staff but carries on killing harmful microbes for potentially days after a single application.

Why should you use our products?

SELFCLEAN / Goldshield® is a silicone based polymer that for many years was used in the treatment of textiles to provide both hydrophobic and antimicrobial properties. Our R&D team were able to adapt this technology to provide a water based solution and a molecule capable of forming a covalent bond with hard and soft surfaces. This meant that we now had a biocidal product capable of being used on hard and soft surfaces that provides a durable antimicrobial mono-molecular layer protecting the surface for extended periods.

Disinfectants of which there are many, are important to control pathogenic or harmful microorganisms as if there are any on a surface potentially capable of causing infection, removing them by cleaning and killing them by disinfection minimises that risk. Many products contain both detergent and disinfectant and are termed sanitisers. Products containing powerful agents such as chlorine or more recently chlorine dioxide, have excellent microbicidal properties but can be damaging to surfaces and can have health & safety issues depending on their concentration.

SELFCLEAN / Goldshield® does not replace cleaning as this remains an important part of the process and as an acknowledgement of this we have a sanitiser in our range that both cleans and disinfects. A surface has to be thoroughly clean before the application of SELFCLEAN / Goldshield®.

The reason cleaning is important is that during the course of the day surfaces become “dirty” and need to be cleaned to remove this soil and for aesthetic reasons. Moreover, if surfaces were not cleaned regularly even with microfiber and normal detergent soils such as body fat (the “smudge” we see on glass) will build up and both protect and provide nutrients for microorganisms held within.

SELFCLEAN / Goldshield®’s covalent bonding means that it remains active even if the treated surface is cleaned by physical and even chemical action.

SELFCLEAN /Goldshield® has a product that:

  • Is not removed by routine cleaning
  • Enhances cleaning
  • Provides a surface that is microbiologically clean in excess of 24 hours


SELFCLEAN's liquid spray persistent residual antimicrobial barrier protection technology.

  • The microbe lands on the treated surface
  • The microbe is then pulled onto the molecule by strong electrostatic forces
  • The microbe is then pierced and killed
  • The analogy is “a bed of molecular nails”

SELFCLEAN's technology forms a covalent bond which allows it to remain affixed to any hard or soft surface including textiles. The surface is positively charged generated by a nitrogen molecule, which pulls in negatively charged microbes. Through a long carbon chain, this unique assembly penetrates the cytoplasmic membrane physically stabbing the cell releasing ions, denaturing proteins and causing cytoplasm to leak so the cell is then destroyed. This renders the microbe dead and incapable of any adaption.

SELFCLEAN uses a technology that not only cleans and disinfects any surface but also protects it from microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry.

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